When I was still running my pizza shop in downtown Jersey City back in 2010, I was met with the same problem over and over again — something restaurant owners everywhere have to deal with on a regular basis. Late drivers, backed-up deliveries, food getting cold — and angry customers. No matter how good our pizza was, making sure that our customers got it fresh and on-time was just as important as the quality.

Staring at a stack of loaded pizza boxes on top of the oven one night, I was asking myself, “Why doesn’t a 911 for restaurateurs exist?” I realized how badly I could use a professional delivery service to take the load off on busy nights when my crew couldn’t keep up. We had plenty of drivers, but when business was booming, there were always more pizzas than people. The more times this happened, the more times I wished I could call 911.

Needless to say, that’s how 911FooDelivery was born. From the beginning, all of my fellow restaurant owners loved having my guys around.

We’re here to take the pressure off delivery and let you focus on what’s most important — the quality of your food.


We connect restaurant owners with local and trained personnel that are committed to the highest standards of health & hygiene department requirements, have a keen understanding of local routes and geography, and possess exceptional customer service skills.


Tricks of the trade? Business smarts? Industry secrets? You bet! I’ve been in the business for over 20 years and I can tell you that it took a few years to catch on, and a few more years before I really got the hang of things. After that, I still found myself learning new ways to save time and money while maintaining and even improving quality and performance. Our training program is designed to get restaurant owners and managers in the loop and keep them ahead of the game while giving them access to upbeat and professional associates.


Our team members are dedicated to the profession: “serving hot food hot, and serving cold food cold!” We’re here to ensure that your every order is a success and—most importantly—that your customers can match the flavor to the name. When it comes to food delivery, quality should always be reflected by the service as well as the taste. Our personnel go through a unique training program and have access to resources that give them the professional appeal you’re looking for. This is not just another delivery app. 911FooDelivery is the real deal!



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